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Level 2 - Wall Mount or Pedestal

32A EV AC Charger

Level 2 - Wall Mount or Pedestal

48a-11kw EV AC Charger

Level 3 - Movable

30kW DC Fast Charger



Level 3 - Freestanding

60kW DC Charger


Level 3 - Freestanding

120kW DC Charger


Level 3 - Freestanding

180kW DC Charger


Level 3 - Wall Mount or Pedestal

30kW DC Fast Charger

Level 3 - Fan Cooling System

360kW DC Charger







Who Are We

Mid-Cour EV Charge is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging systems in North America, with Headquarters in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. We supply a variety of DC fast-charge and AC Level 2 EV chargers. Our customers range from private residential to commercial, industrial, home builders, governmental, as well as Cities, Counties and States. We have been in the EV Charging station business since 2017 and have installed hundreds of stations from residential to DC fast-chargers along I-75 highway.

Our Mission

Mid-Cour EV Charge is both qualified and passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality EV charging products and cloud-based network services. Mid-Cour will always put our customer first in our planning and in our actions. We support the goal of making a smooth transition to electric vehicles throughout the US. We will help to eliminate the fear of range anxiety by ensuring there are sufficient EV charging stations located in the correct locations.

  • We will help in bringing the fun back to driving!
  • It will be more affordable and it will be better for the Planet!

Why Mid-Cour EV Charge

 You or your Company are the focus of everything we do! Starting with the planning phase of how many EV vehicles do you plan to support now and in the next 5 years. What is my electrical capacity and where is it located? What types of EV chargers should we choose to best satisfy my customers or my employees? Where should we locate them for lowest costs and highest satisfaction. These are the questions we will work with you or your team to satisfactorily answer. We will put together a proposal only after we receive your input, and we will do this whether it is for your residence (1 unit) or the International Airport (200 units).


Why You Should Want EV Chargers

EV Chargers are a great way for you or your company to show that you care about being ‘sustainable’. EV chargers are now located on almost all mapping sources, like AmpUp or EVconnect, and it will show customers where prime EV destinations are located, whether they are in use, how much they cost and, in some cases, you can make a reservation slot for charging. When you add an EV charger to your location, studies have shown, that your customers tend to lengthen their stay or shopping at your location.

EV chargers can also be a profit center! EV charging is billed by the amount of energy used and/or the amount of time the EV is plugged in. Most locations can recover the costs of the EV station, installation and cost of energy used, plus make a profit over time.


Mid-Cour EV Charge provides selling models that include rebates from utilities (where applicable) and local governments and Federal tax credits plus any grants that may be available. We can even customize/brand your EV Charging station with a wrap that has your Company’s Logo or Company Name.